On Sat 4th March 2017, the World Science Festival came to regional Gladstone.

The day is part of the Brisbane section of New York's World Science Festival.

The Festival lectures are designed to bring some ideas of how advanced science affects our daily lives in a language, which non-scientists and children can understand.

Nevenka Golc-Clarke and Gerry Clarke of Pocket Books had a great day chatting with these renowned scientists, and the Minister for Innovation, Hon. Leanne Enoch.

In the talk by Dr Marissa McNamara about parasites, Gerry was sitting next to a single mother from Tannum Sands who had brought three children, so they would develop a yearning to study at university level. She, herself, works three jobs, with a real dedication to the advancement of her next generation.

The Auditorium was nearly full for each session. See details of the presenters within the front cover story about the festival.

The previous day, Friday, the Science Festival gave a series of talks to secondary school students, and then, with personal interviews, discussed career paths in "STEM" - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Pictured are

image 1

From Left to right:

Gerry Clarke, B.PED, owner of Pocket Books
Hon Leanne Enoch, Qld Minister for Innovation, Digital Economy and Small Business
Nevenka Golc-Clarke, B.Maths, H. Consul for Slovenia, owner of Pocket Books
Glenn Butcher, MLA for Gladstone, and assistant Minister for Local Government & Infrastructure


image 1

Gerry with Dr Andrew Rozefelds, Head of Geosciences, Queensland Museum Network


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Gerry in the foyer. Towards the right is a presenter Catherine Ball discussing drones with a visitor.


image 1

Gerry and Nevenka in the Entertainment Centre foyer with Laura Griffith, from the Queensland Museum. Laura is a marketing organizer for Science Festival.