Croppa Creek Classic Treasures

Laurie and Cheryl Timmins, from Croppa Creek Farm Spares, own many old harvesters, hay balers, and other machinery. During the second week of November, a second harvest on about 60 hectares in the town is done usually with Laurie’s and Cheryl’s old vintage machines. They use a neighbours paddock on the other side of the railway line for this second harvest. (The first harvest is done by big modern machines.)

Laurie and Cheryl advise local schools, and children come to learn. They have many 'guys & gals' in cars coming to do a 'circuit of the town'. This is a good three to five days for tinkers and their machines.

No great established set-up, not much stalls, just the local shop providing a bit of food. Lots of caravans join the group.

Good ol’ budget country fun in a small village!!

In 2020, some 160 people came including children from Tulloona Public School and the Croppa Creek Public School. There were visitors from Walgett, Grafton, and even Queanbeyan.

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