Most of the mountains considered to be part of the Glass House Mountains as viewed by Lieutenant James Cook and Lieutenant Matthew Flinders are within the Sunshine Coast Regional Council area.
But a few smaller ones are within the Moreton Bay Regional council area, within the old Caboolture Shire Council zone, and thus within this Pocket Book area, at Elimbah and northern Wamuran.
The main three of these southern Glass House Mountains are: Mt Miketeebumulgrai, Mt Elimbah also called Saddleback, and the Round Mountain.
The summit of Mt Miketeebumulgrai, Map H A3 and 386 D1, is about 200m above sea level, or 198m or 203m depending upon which authoritive source you read. The translated meaning is approximated "The place where the lightning struck". Locally this is known as Mt Miketee.
The summit of Mt Elimbah or The Saddleback, Map H B3 and 387 B2, is 120m. This is "Place of the Grey Snake". Remember that 'Caboolture' translates approximately to the place of the carpet snake.
Round Mountain Map H B3 and 387 D5 is smaller at about 95m.
But none of these three heights qualifies these hills to be called "Mountains". A mountain really needs one thousand feet of height or 304.79 m or 305m. However, they are pretty solid rises to climb, and each almost requests to be called a mountain.
Mt Elimbah.
On map 387 A1 drive north on Old Gympie Rd. There is a small carpark on the right before the road crosses Six Mile Creek. The sign for Mt Elimbah and Saddleback can be read almost from the road.
Take the track from the carpark. After about 100m, there is a track to the right. After about 400m there is a white arrow on a tree, showing the entrance to the ascent track. It is fairly easy to follow with some pink markers. Toward the top are a lot of rocks, which could be slippery. But the walk is fairly steady.
From the carpark, after the first 100m, is also the opportunity to go straight ahead, until reaching a gate and fence. Don't cross the fence. Just walk up along side, and after about 300m the fence veerw to the left, but continue walking straight ahead for about 300 m. There is a marker to the right, and quite rough walk to the summit.
For preference just take the first option with the track 100m from the carpark.
Mt Miketeebumulgrai.
This is a more daunting walk. On map 386 D2, drive along King Rd. There is no carpark, so the few that climb this, park opposite the sign on King Rd. The track starts behind the sign. There are a few pink ribbons on some trees, but not quite enough. So, wandering off the track often happens.
After about 200m of slowly rising track, the walk becomes quite steep, and remains steep right to the summit. This is for fairly fit people, as the descent walk is even more difficult. I did this walk in late July 2018, in the dry Queensland winter, and even then, some parts were slippery. A wet day should be entirely avoided.
At the summit is a make-shift cairn, with a noticeboard for names.
Round Mountain.
This is approached from some of the smaller roads. At map 387 E2, take Spoonbill Dv, turn left, or south, at Wattlebird Dv.
There are two tracks to the top. The easy track to find is to go down Wattlebird Dv, cross the creek, park immediately. Go through the park, keeping the creek on the left, till the end of the houses which are on the right. Walk pretty much straight up the hill to the huge water tank. Turn right and walk about a third of the way around the tank. Then turn right again as you can see the way to the summit to the north of the tank. Some track is there, and more appears as you approach the summit walking on the ridge line. At the summit is home-made bar-be-que area, more for the lads and lassies, with its construction.
Just to the right of the BBQ is another track. This is quite well formed and leads down the northern part of the hill. It comes out into a easement-laneway, next to sort of parkland. There is no sign at the bottom, but once you have walked out, you will be able to find this second track again. Walk East for about 200m to a pipe gate arrangement. Keep walking on this laneway-easement for another 100m to come back to Wattlebird Drive. Here you are next to 72 Wattlebird Dv. Walk down the slope back to your car.
Next time you do this walk, you can just start at the easement next to 72 Wattlebird Dv, as you should then know where to locate the start of the track to the hill top.
These are three relatively unclimbed hills of the Glasshouse Mountains within the Moreton Shire. Mt Miketee is difficult, but Mt Elimbah and Round Hill are relatively alright for begineers and semi-experienced. Carry some water, as there is none on these walks, especially during the dry water period.
Gerry Clarke B. PED.