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Warren and Lyn Crowther run Capel Turf together as a husband and wife partnership. They have been growing turf since 1989 and in their 30 years have gained much invaluable experience.


Kikuyu – Pennisetum clandestinum
Kikuyu turf is a very popular and recognizable turf as it is well suited to tough western conditions. It is drought hardy due to its deeply rooted rhizomes and can withstand the heat and cold. Contrary to popular believe, it requires less water than various buffalo strains to remain pristine. Kikuyu is an excellent choice if you have kids or pets as it has excellent wear tolerance and self-repair, so it always looks great.
Kikuyu keeps it’s beautiful green colour year round, even through the winter months, however it may lose some of it’s colour in severe frosts. Kikuyu turf is easy to establish and propagate, is weed resistant and can be used to stabilise soil or as pasture for livestock due to its vigorous growth. It does need to be sprayed for lawn grubs every few weeks in the summer months. Kikuyu requires little fertilizer and is best for large open areas of full sun.

Shademaster Soft Buffalo – Stenopharum secundatum
Shademaster soft buffalo is a hardy turf can tolerate a wide range of conditions, with a broad dark green leaf. As the name suggests, Shademaster has a high shade tolerance, but also thrives in full sun making it an excellent choice for a lawn and perfect for shady areas around the house and gardens.
Shademaster has good wear tolerance and self-repair, making it a great choice if you have kids or pets, and is also tolerant of heat, as long as sufficient water is applied. Due to its moderate growth rate, it requires less frequent mowing than Kikuyu, but goes dormant between May and October. Severe frosts can cause loss and colour and it requires more water than Kikuyu to stay pristine in the warmer months.

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Capel Turf, Goondiwindi, QLD, 4390

Capel Turf in Goondiwindi QLD 4390

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