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About Us

With a combined experience of over 80 years in the irrigation industry, Warrego Water Services are recognised leaders in the industry throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. We specialise in the design, supply and installation of Valley Pivots and Laterals and provide products, repairs and services to agricultural, domestic and industrial customers Australia wide.

Our team of professionals can assist with a wide range of products and services for any project you may have including:
•Flood irrigation
•Broad acre irrigators including centre pivots, lateral move, trickle, spray lines, travelling irrigators, sub-surface and home irrigation
•Filtration systems for household, agriculture and industrial applications
•Large diameter piping
•Centre Pivot Repairs (all brands) on site
•Irrigation Survey & Design
•Lateral Move Repairs(all brands) on site
•Onsite Irrigation Repairs
•Onsite Pump Repairs
•Poly Welding & Fabrication 63mm to 1600mm
•Pump Base Fabrication
•Pump Repairs

Dealing in all aspects of pumping, irrigation and water filtration from all the major manufacturers, we offer various irrigation methods and can assist in designing any sized job and maintain your valuable equipment in the seasons ahead. Taking pride in our work and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times, you can trust Warrego Water Services for all of your water service needs.

For your no-obligation, free on-site quotation, contact our team of experts today
sales @warregowater.com.au

60 Albion St Warwick QLD 4370
Phone (07) 4661 4126

McLean St Goondiwindi QLD 4390
Phone (07) 4519 3801

18120 Warrego Highway, Dalby QLD 4405
Phone (07) 4669 7317

321 Taylor St, Toowoomba, QLD 4350
Phone (07) 4519 3801


Warrego Water Services offer a range of products and services to agricultural, domestic and industrial customers Australia wide. We deal in all aspects of pumping, irrigation and water filtration from all the major manufacturers. View our range below. Also check out our new online shop with new products getting added every day https://warregowater.com.au/shop-online.


We have a range of pumps from bore pumps, household pressure pumps, irrigation pumps and submersible pumps.
Aussie Pumps
BAR Pumps
Calpeda Pumps
China Pumps
Cornell Pumps
Ebara Pumps
Lowara Pumps
McQuarrie Flood Pumps
Mono Pumps
Solar Pumps
Southern Cross


Home Irrigation Systems
Hunter Turf Watering Sprinklers
Irrigation, Fittings,Vee Seals, Hydrants & Spares
Marani Hard Hose Irrigators
Rainbird Sprinklers
Rodney Industries Soft Hose Irrigators
Toro Sprinklers
Trailco Aluminium Side Roll Spraylines
Trailco Hard & Soft Hose Irrigators
Valley Centre Pivots
Valley Lateral Move Irrigators
Wade Rain Aluminium SideRoll Spraylines

Commercial Irrigation

Irrigation Systems
Water Boosting Pump Systems
Sewage Pump Systems
Turf Watering Systems

Agricultural Irrigation

Aluminium Spray Lines
Centre Pivots
Diesel Pump Sets
Electric Pump Sets
Irrigation Spare Parts
Large Diameter Polythene Pipe
Lateral Moves
Poly Tanks
Poly Welding Services
Polythene Pipe
PVC Pipe
Side Roll Irrigation
Solar Energy Generation
Solar Pumps

Domestic Irrigation Products

Drip Systems
Garden Hose & Fittings
Garden Watering Pumps
Home Sprinkler Systems
Pipe Fittings
Pool Pumps
Rainwater Pumps
Water Filtration

Industrial Irrigation

Camp Water Solutions
Diesel Pumps Sets
Gear Pumps
Mollasses Pumps
Poly Welding & Fabrication
Valves & Fittings
Waste Water Pumps
Water Filtration

Pipes and Fittings

Air Valves
Black Steel Fittings
Brass Fittings
Butt Weld Fittings
Butterfly Valves
Check Valves
Compression Fittings
Electrofusion Fittings
Flood Gates
Galvanised Pipe Heavy Duty & Medium Duty
Polythene Pipe & Fittings
PVC Pipe Rubber Ring & Solvent Weld Joints
Stainless Steel Pipe & Fittings
Water Truck Fittings

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