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About Us

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd started to operate in 2012. Since then it has progressed into a nationally recognised professional detailing provider servicing numerous clients in Australia and beyond.

Owner, director Lyndon Walker says 'There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. We are passionate tradesmen with unwavering attention to detail, and skills and work ethic matched with knowledge and experience that are second to none.'

We meticulously detail, rejuvenate and protect every surface of your machinery, including agricultural machinery, planes, boats, your favourite show car, campervans, tracks, wheels and other plant equipment either for preventative maintenance purposes or for adding asset value when it counts.

Add Thousand to the Value of Your Machinery or Vehicle

Detailing is a mixture of art and craft for Speed Detailing. We are committed to the highest attention to detail and to immaculate presentation of your plant and equipment. This makes us masters at enhancing and adding real value to your valuable asset.

Whether interior, exterior or undercarriage, every surface is cleaned, restored and rejuvenated to the highest possible finish attainable. Speed Detailing Pty Ltd prides itself in its quality of workmanship where nothing but perfection is in its aim.

Speed Detailing caters for individuals as well as for corporate clients working on their fleet, or plant hire, heavy mining, earthmoving or agricultural machinery. Speed Detailing covers every aspect of detailing, including preparation of your equipment for clearance sales and for auctions.

Our commitment

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd is committed to
- maintaining a focus on health & safety and adhering to safe work policies;
- minimising impact of its operations on environment;
- providing quality services to its clients;
- maintaining quality control of its workmanship;
- ongoing professional training;
- remaining LTI free

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd aims to present, preserve and enhance the value of your assets today, tomorrow and in the future.

We offer no obligation quotes and operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, servicing Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and beyond.


Look no further! Speed Detailing Pty Ltd is your Number One choice for detailing of your much-loved vehicle, your agricultural and farm equipment, mining and earthmoving machinery right through to your multi-million-dollar yacht or aircraft.

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd will meticulously attend the detailing of exterior, interior and undercarriages of your vehicle, plant and equipment.

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd offers on-site detailing for heavy mining, earthmoving & all plant equipment.

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd offers on-site detailing for helicopters, planes and all fixed-wing aircraft.

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd offers on-site detailing for cars, bikes, campervans, mobile homes, horse floats, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, earthmoving and all plant hire equipment and machinery, including agricultural machinery and vehicles.

Speed Detailing Pty Ltd offers on-site detailing for jet skis, small to large top-end luxury boats and vessels, yachts and marine craft.


Speed Detailing Pty Ltd offers a professional, fully mobile 24/7 detailing service at your location for all your equipment or vehicles whether being your cherished car, bus, truck, heavy machinery, aircraft or boat.

Exterior detailing services include:
• high pressure removal of grease, oil, dirt and soil;
• undercarriage removal of grease, oil, dirt and soil;
• hand wash and hand polish;
• full machine cut and polish with paint restoration and rejuvenation;
• buffing and scratch removal;
• windows cleaned streak-free, with removal of overspray making windows smooth;
• decal, sticker and signage removal;
• alloys and stainless-steel polishing;
• colour matching / pencil brushing;
• rejuvenation of all clear coats and gel coats (boats);
• all timers including teak cleaning, treating and restoring (boats);
• canvas and canopies 'UV Clears' cleaning, polishing and rejuvenation (boats).

Interior detailing services include:
• complete interior clean - removal of grease, oil, stains & blemishes;
• dirt and dust removal applying our unique process;
• vacuuming, steam shampoo of all floor, carpets, seats and hood-linings;
• rejuvenation of upholstery, leather, vinyl, plastics, rubber, moulds;
• meticulous cleaning of dashboard, all controls and components;
• cleaning windows streak-free inside;
• cleaning of air-conditioning filters;
• odour removal - deodorising;
• leather treatment, conditioning and protection;
• vacuuming and steam shampoo of carpets - velour, upholstery and fabric (boats);
• fixed glass 'UV Clears' panels cleaning and polishing (boats);
• interior ceiling removal of marks and blemishes (boats);
• stainless polishing of all tap handles and basins (boats);
• detailing of rooms including kitchen/galley - cupboards, draws, fridges; bathrooms; sleeping quarters (boats).
Speed Detailing Pty Ltd knows the importance of preserving your asset. It has passion and unwavering attention to detail that is second to none.


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