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About L Bulmer & Co P/L

Lenny Bulmer established L. Bulmer and Co. over 50 years ago, starting out with a single-axle truck and contracting small haulage and road making jobs. Since then, L. Bulmer and Co. has becomes one of South West Queensland’s most respected contractors.

Col and Leanne Bulmer now run the company, after they took over from Col’s father, and it has grown from that one truck to a large modern fleet of trucks, graders, loaders, scrapers, excavators and rollers.

Col, Leanne and their team have many years experience in all types of road and earth works and have completed projects for rural, council and private sectors around the region. These projects include

  • Various road works and flood repair for the Goondiwindi Regional Council
  • Cotton Gin extensions and pads for RMI Cotton
  • Flood repair work with RoadTek
  • Upgrading the BP Truckstop in Goondiwindi
  • Upgrading the Goondiwindi Regional Council treatment plant with Cockrams
  • Flood repair work involving stabilising in QLD & NSW with Proterra (RPMS)

We are also active in the local community and sponsor both the Goondiwindi Rugby League Club and the Goondiwindi Pony Club.


We can handle your road building needs, from a simple guided track right up to a finished bitumen surface with a choice of several types of road bases. We supply all types of main road spec river gravel road-base and these can be delivered by body truck, semi or side tipper road train.

We also have soils including: screened mixes for top-soil, pad loam for buildings or fill; sands for pipe laying or top dressing; and rock for irrigation channels or crossings.

Available materials:

  • Beach sand
  • Black soil
  • Blue metal road base
  • Crushed irrigation rock
  • Crushed stone
  • Crushed white rock
  • Crusher dust
  • Garden soil – very popular
  • Irrigation rock
  • Loam
  • River gravel
  • River gravel road base
  • River stone
  • Sand
  • Screened river stone
  • Screened top soil
  • Screenings
  • Septic stone
  • Stabilized gravel
  • White rock

Most of these products are available in our depot or can be sourced to suit your requirements (either from our quarries or locally to reduce costs).

Our earth works services include clearing and forming roads using graders, scrapers, loaders rollers and water trucks; and building pads to suit houses or industrial developments. We also have machinery and equipment for hire.


  • Two graders – 140M with GPS
  • Two 35 tonne excavators – 3 buckets, rippers, grab & screener and crusher attachments
  • Six rollers – smooth drum, pad foot, grid and multi tyre
  • Five loaders – ranging from 1.5m3 to 4.2m3 buckets with two rippers
  • Fourteen trucks – four body, four body & dog, three single side tippers or road train side tippers and three water (14 000 L capacity)
  • Two screeners – power screener and rock screener

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